代表取締役社長 大塚 祐一


Tokyo Tea Tradingは前身の久順銘茶として台湾烏龍茶の輸入製造販売を2016年にスタートしました。






お茶の伝統的な文化や価値を尊重して、お茶の持つパワーと可能性を世界中に発信し広めていくことがTokyo Tea Tradingの存在意義です。

そしていつか「お茶( Tea )って最高にCool」と世界中で言われることを願い、国境( border )も、国籍( nationality )も、年齢( age )も、性別( gender )も超えて愛されるTea Companyへの挑戦を続けてまいります。


株式会社TokyoTea Trading
代表取締役社長 大塚 祐一

Changing the Future of Tea

Tokyo Tea Trading started importing, manufacturing, and selling Taiwanese Oolong tea in 2016 as its predecessor Kushun Meicha.

I had little interest in tea, let alone knowledge of it, but when I encountered Four Seasons Tea, a Taiwanese Oolong tea, I experienced a taste unlike anything I had ever tasted before, and I remember vividly how determined I was to spread the excitement of a single cup of tea to as many people as possible.


There are many different types of tea in the world. At the same time, there are many different histories, cultures, traditional techniques, and values. For example, Japanese green tea is often thought of as Japanese green tea, but Chinese green tea is also a type of green tea, not only Japanese green tea, which is processed by steaming, but also Chinese green tea, which is processed by kettle frying.

The degree of fermentation of the tea leaves varies from green tea (unfermented), green tea (oolong and semi-fermented), to black tea (fully fermented). Each has a different aroma, flavor, and mouthfeel, as well as a different uplifting and inspiring experience.

We believe that tea not only quenches a dry throat, but also has the power to heal, fill, encourage, and energize the hearts and minds of people around the world, as well as create rich communication when people gather around tea.

Tokyo Tea Trading's raison d'etre is to respect the traditional culture and value of tea, and to promote and spread the power and potential of tea throughout the world.

We will continue to take on the challenge of becoming a tea company that transcends borders, nationality, age, and gender, in the hope that one day we will be known around the world as "Tea is the Coolest".

Believing that this challenge will enrich the lifestyles of people around the world, we will continue to create the future of tea.

TokyoTea Trading Co.
Yuichi Otsuka, President and Representative Director



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