Grand Renewal of our Mug & Pot Flavored Tea Series

The “Flavored Tea Series,” created under the Mug & Pot tea brand, has undergone a considerable taste and packaging renewal. We are also launching a lovely new fragrance with the innovative tagline “transform today into a cute-smelling day.” Additionally, “FOUR SEASONS SPRING PASSION FRUIT TEA” and “LYCHEE JASMINE TEA” will be joining the lineup and going on sale starting August 1st (Mon) at supermarkets and convenience shops across the country. Additional sales locations will be revealed in due course. Hand-selected Asian teas with delicious fruit aromas make up the Mug & Pot “FLAVORED TEA SERIES.” The three already available tastes have received a significant redesign, and they will be marketed with other new goods.
Our new motto is “transform today into a cute-smelling day.” The fruit has a beautiful aroma and a rich and refined flavor due to its increased juiciness. Additionally, the package has been updated. You can immediately picture the fruit’s fresh aroma after taking a look at it. Many individuals will identify with the design’s completed Asian look. Along with the updated goods, “FOUR SEASONS SPRING PASSION FRUIT TEA” and “LYCHEE JASMINE TEA” are being released as two new tastes. You may enjoy these beverages no matter your mood or the weather, whether you brew them hot for a quiet time or with cold water to down on a scorching day.

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Contents Quantity: Teabags 2 g × 6 bags
Price: Retailers discretion
Sale Location: Official online shop, supermarkets, and convenience stores, etc., nationwide.
Product Page. : Note: Scheduled for posting on August 1st (Mon)



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